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Kurdish Median/Medes history empire / Qapadozia (Kurdish: secret place)

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Derinkuyu Underground City is an ancient multi-level underground city of the Median Medes Empire in the Derinkuyu district in Nevşehir (Kurdish: Nev-New Sher "The New/middle city") Province, Anatolia. With its five floors extending to a depth of approximately 60 m, it was large enough to shelter approximately 20,000 people together with their livestock and food stores. It is the largest excavated underground city in Anatolia and is one of several underground complexes found across Goreme (Kurdish: "Gora Me": our grave) Cappadocia (Qapadozia (Kurdish: secret place). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derinkuyu_Underground_Cityhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Median_EmpireThe Kurdish hatti Median Empire Ahura Mazda Zoroastrianism Derinkuyu Underground City Cappadocia goreme Nevşehir Province

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